What is a Hair Color Correction?

Have you ever had the overwhelming urge to change up your hair color? If so, it is important to take the time to make an appointment at Katherine Drew Salon to give your hair the expert treatment it deserves. However, for some the hair color calling is so strong they immediately drive to the store, grab a box of hair dye, and do the deed themselves. If that is the case, you may get undesirable results, in terms of both the color and integrity of your hair. If that is the case, you will need color correction from Katherine Drew Salon in Livonia, Michigan.

Color correction for hair that is dyed.

What is Hair Color Correction?

A color correction is when a professional salon stylist needs to correct the undesirable results of a previous hair coloring, done either at home or at a different hair salon. The undesirable color can be the result of years spent dying hair using boxed hair dye or by an inexperienced stylist not taking the proper steps to make a color transition. While some color corrections can be done in a step or two, others can be very complex and require several different visits to a salon.

Protecting Your Hair During a Color Correction to Make it Lighter

The first thing to realize is that when hair gets lightened, color is actually taken out of the hair, not put into the hair. This process causes hair to lose other essential proteins, leaving hair stripped of some nutrients. Repeatedly lightening hair can potentially cause damage to your hair, making it essential to protect your hair.

Many color corrections are spaced over several visits. Individual goals need to be realistic because the overall integrity of the hair is always taken into consideration.

What to Expect With a Color Correction to Darken Hair

If your hair is too light and you would like to correct the color by making it darker, your hair will need to be filled. This means that pigment will need to be inserted back into your hair, and once the hair is filled it will need to be colored at least one more time (sometimes more than once) to get the hair color you desire. The reasoning for a filler is to insert warm tones back into the hair, this helps to avoid the hair looking muddy when going from light to dark, acting as a middle shade.

How Long Does a Hair Color Correction Take?

It is almost impossible to put an exact time on a color correction, as it all depends on how drastic a change is needed and how much damage has been inflicted upon the hair. In some cases, a color correction can be fixed in a few hours. However, in most cases, it will take either one very long session, or multiple sessions spread out over a few weeks, to get your hair looking beautiful and healthy once again.

Only Trust an Expert With Hair Coloring

A great way to save yourself time and money is to only trust a professional licensed stylist to color your hair. Oftentimes, in order to get a certain shade, it will require multiple steps of different hair colors, and it is impossible to know exactly what to do without the help of a hair coloring expert. Chemicals in hair color and bleach are very tricky to work with correctly and can result in damage to the hair if not done by a professional. Avoid having to eventually get a color correction by throwing away the boxes of hair dye at your house and visit a professional at a hair salon.

Honesty With Your Stylist

Your stylist is here to help you, always. They are your partner in beauty, and hopefully your relationship will last for years. Always tell your stylists all of your “hair history.” Lying about what you have done to your hair or what is in it can often lead to major damage when using chemicals. They will never judge, no matter how embarrassed you may feel. Be as honest with your stylist as you are with your doctor. It is your hair health.

Color Correction in Livonia Michigan at En Unison Salon

If you are currently unhappy with the color of your hair and want it fixed, contact En Unison Salon in Livonia.  We have has some of the very best hair stylists and hair artists in the metro Detroit area, providing customers with incredible service and care. If you want more information on hair color correction or would like to request a free consultation, contact Katherine Drew Salon today. Give us a call at 248.478.2626

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