BY ARABELLA RODENCrimped HairstylesIf you are interested in any of these looks, come see us at En Unison Salon . Are you bored of your standard blow-out, braid, or barrel waves? Try the revamped 80s trend that came back into style: crimping. For many of us, crimped hair brings back memories of our awkward tween phase. However, these fresh styles prove that crimped hair can be sexy, stylish, and even chic. Keep reading to discover the power of the crimp to transform your look and give it a fun and flirty twist.

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  1. Crimped Hair Waves

Also known as mermaid waves, crimped hair waves are a stunning style option for summer. Sexy, feminine, and flattering on all face shapes, these crimped waves will give you beachy vibes with a polished finish. Get the look using a wide crimper or a three-barrel waver to get a more defined S-shape. Finally, set everything in place with a medium-hold glossy hairspray, available at En Unison Salon.

Crimped Hair Waves

  1. Feature Crimped Hair

Want to try the crimped trend without going all out? Try feature crimped hair. Similar to a feature nail manicure, this style involves crimping one section of your hair to make it stand out. The trick is to create a contrast, so it looks modern – rather than seeming like a throwback to the 2000s. Instead of pairing your crimped hair with a stick-straight blowdry, try soft waves with a spritz of Awapuhi Texturizing sea salt spray available at En Unison Salon.

.Feature Crimped Hair

  1. Crimped Hair Half up Half Down Lob

Give your lob haircut a super cute twist with crimping. Perfect for a casual date or brunch, this look will give your hair more volume and bounce while framing your face beautifully. After crimping your hair with a wide-barrel waver, gently brush out the waves to give it a relaxed ‘undone’ look. Then secure the top section into a mini ponytail or bun, and accessorize with a velvet scrunchie or ribbon as a pretty finishing touch.

.Crimped Hair Half Up Half Down Lob

  1. Crimped Red and Black Hair

Red-and-black hair is a look that always stands out from the crowd, and adding crimping makes it even more eye-catching. The structure of the crimped waves looks excellent when paired with a bold color. Waves also help to blend a more extreme ombre hairstyle. Use an extra strong hold hairspray from En Unison Salon to keep your waves looking defined.

Crimped Red And Black Hair

  1. Crimped Hair Bob

The bob is one of the most classic and timeless cuts. While it’s chic and low-maintenance, the shorter length can make a bob less versatile when it comes to styling. However, crimping is an ideal way to add personality and flair to your short hair, as it requires less length than curling or waving. Try an all-over crimped look or create a statement with a feature crimp section and tease the rest of your hair.

Crimped Hair Bob

  1. Crimped Black Hair

Crimped hair looks fantastic on all hair colors, from platinum blonde to deep dark brown and black. However, to get gorgeous crimped ‘mermaid hair,’ you may need to use a wig or AQUA clip in hair extensions from En Unison Salon particularly if you have shortfine, or Afro-textured hair and want to avoid chemical straightening. While you can buy pre-crimped extensions and wigs, a straight real-hair option can be heat-styled so you can customize the look to suit your face shape.

Crimped Black Hair

  1. Crimp Accents Throughout

For those with naturally straight hair, adding crimp accents throughout is a great way to update your look. Crimp accents give your hair an edgy rock’n’roll vibe. Similar to feature crimped hair, the key to the style is the contrast between the kinky crimped pieces and the straight sections. It’s also an excellent option for thick-haired ladies, as crimping all your hair can be very time-consuming.

Crimp Accents Throughout

  1. Big Crimped Hair

For the ultimate editorial-inspired, head-turning hairstyle, try big crimped hair. Inspired by the 1980s, it’s all about volume, glamor, and attitude! As a result, it’s an ideal look for a red carpet event, retro party, or big night out. A wig or extensions are a must to achieve the style, as it requires a lot of hair as well as teasing and heat-styling. Pair it with soft glam make-up and a slinky outfit to let your hair take center stage.

Big Crimped Hair

  1. Crimped Hair Ponytail

One of the chicest ways to embrace the crimped hair look is with a crimped ponytail. The hairstyle plays with contrast, leaving the front sections super sleek and smooth while the ponytail section is crimped and teased out. While the classic look involves creating a low ponytail, you can adapt the style to suit your face shape with a high pony. However, because it is a pulled-back hairstyle, it will emphasize a round face, so it is best suited to those with more angular features.

Crimped Hair Ponytail

  1. Backcombed Crimped Hair

Give your crimped hair a full and fluffy look by back-combing it. A more wearable take on big crimped hair, the back-combed style has an equally retro and editorial feel. To ensure your back-combed crimped hair looks chic, rather than messy, keep the top section of your hair sleek and flat. Try a deep side part or center part, depending on your face shape. And as the volume of the style is concentrated around the lower third, it’s an excellent option for heart-shaped faces.

Backcombed Crimped Hair

  1. Crimped Ends

Start by back-combing and teasing your hair to give it fluffy volume. Then softly crimp the ends to create small kinks, rather than S-waves. The style suits those with long, fine hair as it builds volume for a fuller effect. Pair it with ’80s-inspired jewelry and make-up for the final finishing touch – think a smokey eye, pink lips, and pearls.

Crimped Ends

  1. Crimped and Straight Hair

Straight hair is ideal for crimping because there is no natural curl pattern to disrupt the waves and kinks. For a low-maintenance crimped look on long straight hair, leave the top section flat and begin crimping just above your ears. The result is a cool ‘waterfall’ effect that is perfect for a casual event. If your hair is fine, rather than thick, tease, and back-comb the under sections to create more volume.